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In 1911 – 1913 there was court case brought in Kyiv against Mendel Beilis, a clerk at a brick factory, for the killing Andrei Yushchinsky, a 12-year-old boy. The accusation emphasized the ritual nature of the killing and imputed the desire to kill a Christian boy to Beilis, a Jew. This case was initiated by right-wing organizations and, despite experts and witnesses insisting on the absurdity of the accusation, was supported by a number of influential politicians in the Russian Empire.

The Matter of Mendel Beilis audiotour is an attempt to walk along the vestiges and meanings of this case, to see this its history in contemporary Kyiv.

Authors: Piotr Armianovski, Dima Levytskyi
Composer: Jonathan George Fox
Translation: Daisy Hayes
Voice: Daisy Hayes, Tamara Trunova, Katia Ditzler